Frenic manual

Frenic manual

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For details, refer to Chapter 10 in the FRENIC-VG User Manual "Unit Type, Function Code Edition" 24A7- -0019. A general purpose inverter, this device can seamlessly blend into a number of factory and production line applications. FRENIC-MEGA User&39;s Manual, the motor may rotate with a torque or at a speed not permitted for the machine. 2G11S-4 is a three phase inversion drive from the Fuji Electric Frenic 5000 G11 series. 3 Instruction Manual INR-SI47-1549d-E FRENIC-Mini (C2) Quick Reference Guide.

User’s Manuals and Technical Information. Page 211 Name of peripheral Function and application equipment An MC can be used at both the power input (primary) and output (secondary) Magnetic sides of the inverter. This manual provides all the information on the FRENIC-Mini series of inverters including its operating procedure, operation modes, and selection of peripheral equipment. 3 Instruction Manual INR-SI47-1549d-E; BACnet Comm Card frenic manual OPC-F1-BAC Start-Up Guide FECA-IN-112; BACnet Comm Card. For details, refer to the FRENIC-Multi User&39;s Manual, Chapter 6 "SELECTING PERIPHERAL EQUIPMENT.

This manual provides all the information on the FRENIC-Ace (Global model) series of inverters including its operating procedure and selection of peripheral equipment. Refer to the FRENIC-Eco User’s Manual, Chapter 4, Section 4. · FRENIC-Lift.

• Even if the inverter has interrupted power to the motor, if the voltage is applied to the main circuit input. Keep this manual in a safe place until this product is discarded. Carefully read this manual for proper use. Buy the item featured in this video at 800-.

• Even if the inverter has interrupted power to the motor, if the voltage is applied to the main circuit input terminals L1/R,. i want to control this drive with analog input command. Basic start-up and demo of the Fuji Electric Frenic Multi Series AC Drive Using the Keypad presented on Galco TV. Instruction Manual Compact Inverter Thank you for purchasing our FRENIC-Mini series of inverters. FRENIC-Lift is an inverter designed to drive a three-phase induction motor ( hereafter For details about this product, refer to the FRENIC-Lift User’s Manual that.

User’s Manual for Japanese model. Related Publications Listed below are other publications on the FRENIC-Eco to be consulted in conjunction with this manual as necessary. 3 "Preparation before a test run--Configuring function code data. Fuji Electric has raised the bar for inverter performance with the FRENIC-MEGA. CNC Machines Tools Repair and Services. Dear friends, i am having FRENIC M2 (FMD AC) AC Digital spindle drive.

Listed below are the other materials related to the use of the FRENIC-Mini. FunctionCode Decimal Hexadecimal DataFormat F FFFFFFFFF08. Single-Phase 115 VAC or 230 VAC input or Three-Phase 230 VAC.

This manual is the translation of the original instruction of the original manual, a supplement to the FRENIC-MEGA Instruction Manual (INR-SI47-1223†-E, INR-SI47-1335†-E,INR-SI47-1457†-E), contains descriptions that exclusively apply to the functional safety inverter FRENIC-MEGA (Inverter type: FRN_ _ _G1„-††). Read them in conjunction with this manual if necessary. FRENIC-Mini (C1) FRENIC-HF; FRENIC5000VG7 (Discontinued) High-power factor, regenerative PWM converter RHC Series; Surge. An accident or injuries could occur. Page frenic 4: Chapter 6 Troubleshooting How this manual is organized This manual contains Chapters 1 through 13 and Appendices. Machinery such as vacuum pumps, cranes, presses, and elevators can all be used with this general purpose drive. User’s Manual for China model.

Incorrect handling of the inverter may prevent the inve rter and/or related equipment from operating correctly,. Fire or an accident could occur. • The FRENIC-VG may not be used for a life-support system or other purposes directly related to the human safety. • FRENIC-Mini User&39;s Manual (24A7-E-0023) • RS-485 Communication User&39;s Manual (MEH448). FRENIC 5000G1 industrial plant Fans Air-conditioning system (for factory, building, office, hospital, clean room, shop, and cattle barn) Dryer Boiler fan Fans for controlling furnace temperature Roof fans controlled as a group Refrigerator Compressor Built-in blower in a film-manufacturing machine Cooling-tower fans Ventilating fans. • FRENIC-Eco User&39;s Manual (MEH456).

For details of auto-tuning, refer to the FRENIC-Mini Instruction Manual (INR-SI47-1729-E), Section 4. Buy New or Surplus FUJI ELECTRIC FRENICM2 (DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER,M2 SPINDLE DRIVE, VAC/ KW) parts. html Frenic: com/Frenicmusic Follow Us With standard functions like high starting torque, network compatible, optimum energy savings, the FRENIC Mini (C2) is ideal for OEM&39;s and panel builders.

FRENIC-Eco Instruction Manual and familiarize yourself with its proper use. This terminal command can be assigned only by E98 or E99. Offering expanded power ratings and flexible configurations that support 1/2 HP up to 1,000 HP AC drive / variable frequency drive (VFD) / v/ Hz vector drive applications, these inverters are designed for long lifecycles and improved maintenance functions. Read through this instruction manual and be familiar with the handling procedure for correct use.

50HP/FRNF50G11S-4UX 7. This is the information site for FUJI ELECTRIC&39;s AC drives (low voltage). FRENIC-Eco User’s. Have this manual delivered to the end user of this pr oduct. 3 "Drive Command Generator" for details.

25HP/FRNF25G11S-2UX 7. View online Instruction manual for Fuji Electric FRENIC-ECO Servo Drives or simply click Download button to examine the Fuji Electric FRENIC-ECO guidelines offline on your desktop or laptop computer. · FRENIC-Mini (C2) Function Code: F01 Decimal: 0001 Hexadecimal: 001 Data Format: 1 For data format specifications refer to section 5-47 of the RS-485 User&39;s Manual 24A7-E-0082.

FRENIC-Mini (FRN-C2) With its rich functionality, compact design, simple operation, and global compatibilty, the new FRENIC-Mini C2 elevates the performance of a wide range of devices and equipment - including conveyors, fans, pumps, centrifugal separators, and food processing machines - to give you the system integration, energy efficiency, reduced labor, and lower overall costs you&39;re. FRENIC-Ace RS-485 communications facility, its communications specifications, Modbus RTU/Fuji general-purpose inverter protocol, function codes and related data formats. (Generally not used. • FRENIC-Multi User&39;s Manual (MEH457) • FRENIC-Multi Instruction Manual (INR-SI47-1094-E).

Instruction Manual FRENIC 5000G11S/P11S High-Performance, Low-Noise Inverter General-Purpose Industrial Machines Fans and Pumps 230V Series 230V Series 0. Manual and the FRENIC-HVAC User&39;s Manual, the motor may rotate with a torque or at a speed not permitted for the machine. Do not use it for single-phase motors or for other purposes. Information on the features and functionality of all products, catalogs, and instruction manuals are available for download here.

• This product is designed to drive a three-phase induction motor. FRENIC-Eco Brochure; Option Manuals. Ideal for OEMs, the FRENIC-Ace is a high-performance, full-featured Drive designed to suit a wide variety of applications. Read them in conjunction with this manual as necessary. com Julana Corporation is a full service repair company that provides the most reliable el.

Page 160 Run forward -- (FWD) (Function frenic manual code data = 98) Turning this terminal command ON runs the motor in the forward direction; turning it OFF decelerates it to stop. to the instruction manual of PG Interface Card. Test & Measurement Instruments with Engineering Support. 24A7-J-0088 : This manual is written in Japanese.

The optional NEMA/UL Type 1 kit allows the FRENIC-Mini (C2) to also be easily applied to stand alone applications. FRENIC_Communication manual - RS-485 User Manual - Supplement version Mini C2 FRENIC-Ace for Solar Pumping_Instruction Manual_Jdea-E FRENIC-Ace_Instruction Manual - INR-SI47-1733g-E. FRENIC-MEGA / Eco / Multi / Ace / Mini(C2) RS-485 User”s Manual Supplement Version 24A7-E-0099 FRENIC Loader 3. FRENIC-Multi User’s Manual. Improper use may prevent normal operation or cause a failure or reduced life of the inverter. · FRENIC®W instruction manual for pulse encoder system orientation EP Fuji Electric Co. For details about this product, refer to the FRENIC-Lift User’s Manual that contains the precautions, detailed.

This manual is written in simplified Chinese. • The FRENIC-VG is designed to drive a three-phase motor. Option Card: I/O card 115V input OPC-115V Instruction Manual; Relay Output Card OPC-F1-RY Installation Manual INR-SI47-0873-EU; Communications: RS-485 User’s Manual 24A7-E-0082; FRENIC Loader 3. This instruction manual is the original instructions and provides only minimum requisite information for wiring and operation of the product. Instruction Manual High Performance, Multifunction Inverter Thank you for purchasing our FRENIC-MEGA series of inverters.

*5) The auxiliary power input is used as an AC fan power input when combining the unit such as high power factor PWM converter with power regenerative function. Deliver this manual to the end user of this product. Listed below are the other materials related to the frenic manual use of the FRENIC-Multi. Read through this manual before use. The FRENIC-Ace offers advanced integration capabilities including applied power ratings, sensorless dynamic torque vector control, PM synchronous motor control, 2-channel on-board RS485 communication port and customer customizable logic. 5HP/FRN007P11S-2UX to 125HP/FRN125G11S-2UX to 150HP/FRN150P11S-2UX 460V Series 460V Series 0.

FRENIC-Eco; FRENIC-Lift; Other Inverters.

Frenic manual

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